15 Most Exciting College Fests Of India

A college fest is that time of the year when all students and faculty members step back and look at the campus in a new light. Classes become venues, friends become colleagues and snack money becomes fund. But who said anything about limiting oneself to one’s own college?

Get familiar with the calendar and prepare yourself to win, because here is a list of the most exciting college fests in India and all that is awesome about them. We hope you have a tough time picking!

1. Mood Indigo, IIT Mumbai

Asia's largest cultural fest, Mood Indigo's first edition was held in 1971.

When: This four day fest will be held between 18 - 21 December, 2015

What makes it awesome

This fest sees the largest footfall in the nation. The 2014 edition of Mood Indigo witnessed a footfall of more than 1,26,000 students from more than 1620 colleges from across the country! This year, Mood Indigo reaches out to all college students with its nation-wide multi-city tour. It spans across the cities of Delhi, Jaipur, Guwahati, Bhubaneswar, Pune, Bengaluru and back to home base - Mumbai. It's an incredible chance to be a part of a massive student creative movement.

2. Saarang, IIT Madras

It is the annual cultural extravaganza of IIT Madras, originally called 'Mardi Gras' in 1974.

When: This five day event will be held between 6 - 10 January, 2016.

What makes it awesome

Saarang is a celebration of life and culture and literally brings life to South India. A massive fest attracting a footfall of over 50,000 students, Saarang is a lively mix of the intellectual, the artistic and the entertaining. These are represented through an amalgamation of unique online and offline activities, events and competitions.

3. Ensemble, XLRI

It is XLRI's flagship festival and is amongst the top most eagerly awaited management festivals in the country.

When: This three day event will be held between 13 - 15 November, 2015.

What makes it awesome

XLRI’s flagship management festival, Ensemble goes beyond what a traditional B school management festival is to being the celebration of spirit and character. It celebrates not only business sense and logic but also creativity, zeal and passion that transcend a great leader to being an absolutely phenomenal one!

4. Waves, BITS Goa

The annual cultural festival of BITS Goa, the best place to go escape reality!

When: This three day fest will be held between 6 - 8 November 2015.

What makes it awesome

Waves, BITS Goa is where you go to escape reality! The annual cultural fests hosts events and encourages talents across all spheres - from being the biggest platform for semi professional bands to hosting unique events attracting massive participation.

5. Antaragni, IIT Kanpur

The annual cultural festival of IIT Kanpur, it celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

When: This four day fest is held between 29 October - 1 November 2015.

What makes it awesome

This massive fest attracts participation from over 200 colleges of India. This year, thye broke all records by taking a road-trip across 9 cities ,expanding participation! It includes professional shows, competitions, amateur rock bands, Ustads and Pandits, fashion shows, Indian folk dances, and other events.Antaragni is a non-profit organisation run completely by students of IIT Kanpur. It started off small, funded entirely by the Student Gymkhana of IIT Kanpur. The festival also aims to serve as a platform for the expression of youth opinion on social problems.

6. Oasis, BITS Pilani

The annual cultural festival and one of India's largest student festivals, by BITS Pilani. Go around the world in 96 hours this year!

When: This five day festival will be held between 28 October - 1 November 2015.

What makes it awesome

A world-themed fest this year that metaphorically and visually takes you to five cities across the world, Oasis is a force of creativity. The celebration attracts more than 200 colleges from across the country. It includes a variety of events and is expecting brilliant performers, from Dualist Inquiry to Papon, at their ProNite.

7. Alcheringa, IIT Guwahati

This annual cultural extravaganza is the biggest student festival of North East India.

When: This four day event will be held in January 2016.

What makes it awesome

Alcheringa literally translates to "Eternal Dreamtime". It is one of the grandest celebrations of youth and culture in eastern India. The fest has a reputation of organizing pan-India competitions in diverse fields of arts and culture. With a footfall of over 70,000 students spanning across India'’ top 40 colleges, this fest is the meeting place of culture, talent intellect and opportunity.

8. XAVOTSAV, St Xavier's Kolkata

It is the annual national level cultural fest organized by the Students’ Union of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.

When: This event happens every January.

What makes it awesome

XAVOTSAV turns 155 years old next year! It gives attendees a load to do, with events spread across various fields such as performing arts, literature, management and sports. It has been embellished with live performances of renowned artists such as Shankar Mahadevan, Remo Fernandes, Indian Ocean, Euphoria and Parikrama in the past; and witnesses an estimated footfall of around 50,000 people every year.

9. Pravega, IISc Bangalore

Pravega is the annual science, technology and cultural festival of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

When: This 3-day fest will be held from Jan 29-Jan 30, 2016.

What makes it awesome

The fest brings together the best of science, technology and culture together at its Bangalore campus. True to its name, the fest is a refreshing departure from the jog trot of life. Previous editions of the fest have witnessed exhibitions by ISRO, Mercedes Benz and performances by Divine Raaga and Indian Ocean.

10. Cul - Ah!, Mount Carmel College

Cul-ah! is the annual cultural fest organised by the Student Union of Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.

When: This three day event happens at the end of January every year.

What makes it awesome

It is a national, inter-collegiate festival that represents a variety of cultural, academic and extra-curricular excellence. Atleast 150 colleges from across India take part in the event with about 10,000 to 20,000 students participating daily. Workshops on dessert making, career counseling, photography and football have also been organised to engage spectators and visitors.

11. Riviera, VIT

Riviera is the annual sports and cultural carnival of Vellore Institute of Technology.

When: This four-day event will be held from 4-7 February, 2016.

What makes it awesome

The organisers of Riviera make sure that each detail of this fest is placed out of the realm of the ordinary. Everything from the grand stage setup, innovative events to hosting the who’s who of Indian cinema and music industry, Riviera is a welcome retreat for anybody looking for one.

12. Spring Fest, IIT Kharagpur

It is the annual celebration of IIT Kharagpur and is one of the most renowned social and cultural fests of India.

When: This 4-day fest is held late in January every year.

What makes it awesome

Spring Fest of IIT Kharagpur is a social and cultural amalgamation of talent, energy, and social responsibility. In addition to the flagship dance, music, theatre and film events; the fest also features a series of socially beneficial events. The 2015 variant of the fest had a footfall of over 50,000 people. It held a blood donation camp, youth marathon and Pratigya (oath taking for a better world).

13. Chaos, IIM Ahmedabad

Chaos is the annual cultural festival of IIM-A and is one of the biggest in the region.

When: This 3- day cultural melange is scheduled for 24-26 January, 2016.

What makes it awesome

With a number of management games, quizzes, theatrical performances, etc. this fest brings to life the entire city with participants from all over the country. The fest has previously hosted performances by Amit Trivedi, Sunidhi Chauhan, Vishal and Shekhar among others.

14. Unmaad, IIM Bangalore

It is the annual cultural festival of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.
When: This three day long event is held in January every year.

What makes it awesome

Unmaad includes events like dramatics quizzes, debates, street plays, professional concerts and fashion show. The festival has hosted performances by artists such as Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Lucky Ali, Indian Ocean and many more.

15. Strawberry Fields, NLSIU

Bangalore India's largest student-organised music festival!

When: The fest takes place annually in December.

What makes it awesome

The loudest stage in Bangalore, the festival was established in 1997 by a working party led by Rahul Cherian. It has only been growing in popularity ever since then and is now considered one of the best launchpads for new bands. It attracts participants and audiences from across India and neighbouring countries!
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